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Being charged with a serious offence such as assault is a humbling and life-changing experience. Your future rights and freedoms will be in jeopardy, and penalties can be severe. Hire an excellent, skilled criminal defence lawyer to give yourself the best chance at a good outcome.


 Gagan Nahal has represented clients on cases that have garnered international media attention and is often approached by television and radio news channels to discuss legal issues. 

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Defending your rights for all assault charges including: Assault With a WeaponAssault Causing Bodily HarmAggravated Assault, & Sexual Assault

Gagan Nahal, Criminal Lawyer

Gagan Nahal

Gagan Nahal will meticulously examine your case and the relevant and applicable laws to give you the best possible defence strategy. With Mr. Nahal on your side, you will have a lawyer who cares as much about the outcome as you do. He will work tirelessly to defend you with more vigor and efficiency than the opposing Crown counsel, who will be working against you. Mr. Nahal has experience throughout numerous courts in British Columbia and will understand all the nuances of your unique situation. Mr. Nahal has successfully represented clients not only in British Columbia, but across Canada including within the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

Gagan Nahal frequently deals with clients who do not have Canadian citizenship. He fully understands the consequences a criminal conviction may have for a non-citizen including inadmissibility in Canada—in other words deportation—for serious criminality pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.


Gagan Nahal Defends Clients in Surrey and across British Columbia Facing All Types of Criminal Charges from Theft to Murder

You can have confidence that you are in good hands with Gagan Nahal and getting the best criminal defence available. You may get only one chance to fight criminal charges, so engage a skilled criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.

Whatever the criminal charges are that you are facing, Gagan Nahal can help you. He offers a free, initial consultation to discuss your unique situation. Don’t let a criminal record destroy your hopes and dreams.

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"Don’t let that young appearance fool you because Gagan Nahal advised me and told me things about my case that other criminal lawyers didn’t even mention and yes he won my case."

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