Criminal Defence Lawyer Surrey, BC

Gagan Nahal

Gagan Nahal is a criminal lawyer who practices exclusively in the area of criminal defence law. Gagan recognizes what is at stake in any criminal case and knows that it is important for defendants to understand their rights. A criminal conviction may have further consequences in addition to a criminal record and jail time.

Gagan believes that each criminal case is unique in its own way and different defence strategies must be implemented for each case, whether that is through a pre-trial resolution or by way of a trial. Gagan’s negotiating skills and willingness to explore various defence avenues have helped him secure many successful legal outcomes.

Gagan started his own criminal law practice immediately after being called to the Bar of British Columbia. Prior to starting his own law practice, Gagan articled with a high-profile criminal lawyer of the British Columbia Criminal Defence Bar. During his articles Gagan was introduced to other senior and renowned criminal defence lawyers, and he had the opportunity to work on some very serious cases that involved complex legal issues.

Gagan is also fluent in Punjabi and Hindi.