Criminal Defence Services for Assault

In Canada, in general terms, the crime of Assault means that someone has intentionally applied force to someone else, directly or indirectly, and/or attempts or threatens to apply force, and/or is wearing or carrying a weapon and accosts or impedes that person.

For practical purposes, this means that you can’t hit, slap, touch, poke, prod, jostle, elbow or nudge someone without their consent or threaten to do so or give them reason to believe that you’re going to do so. These are just some of the types of movements or gestures that can be construed as assault.

How Can Gagan Nahal Help With My Assault Charge?

There are several different types of assault, including Assault With a Weapon and Assault Causing Bodily Harm. We will address some of these specific types of assault elsewhere on our website.

Any of these scenarios can cause you to face an assault charge. Gagan Nahal successfully defends cases like these almost on a daily basis. Assault charges are very serious charges in British Columbia, and if you are accused of assault, incarceration is a real possibility. Severity in sentencing depends on the type of assault and the severity of the injuries sustained by the victim.

It’s important to ensure that you hire a criminal defence lawyer who understands criminal assault law in British Columbia and who will defend your rights and freedoms as enthusiastically as your prosecutors will attempt to take them away.

Assault Lawyer For non-canadian citizens

Assault cases can be complex and you will need a defence lawyer who understands all the nuances of both the case and the applicable law in order to mount the best defence for you. Gagan Nahal defends clients from all walks of life including those who fall under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and welcomes inquiries regarding defence for assault charges.

Contact Gagan Nahal right away if you have been charged with assault.