Criminal Defence Services for Assault With a Weapon

Assault With a Weapon is one of several types of assault. Assault With a Weapon means that whatever force was applied without consent to someone else, directly or indirectly, as described on our Assault page, was carried out while carrying a weapon. The victim doesn’t have to be severely injured for the perpetrator to be charged with Assault With a Weapon. Simply touching someone with a weapon is sufficient for charges to be laid.

Charged with Assault with a Weapon

A weapon could be a firearm, a knife, a bat, or it could be virtually anything else that was used as a weapon, like a tool or a shoe or a piece of furniture. If you held anything and used it as a weapon or threatened to use it as a weapon or the other person thought you would use it as a weapon, then it’s considered a weapon under the law.

Why you need a Criminal Defence Lawyer to defend your Assault with a Weapon Case

Ten years in prison is the maximum sentence for Assault With a Weapon. So, you would be smart to have an excellent defence lawyer, like Gagan Nahal, on your side. Assault With a Weapon is a serious charge in British Columbia that requires a criminal defence lawyer who will defend your rights and freedoms with skill and enthusiasm.

If you are in Surrey, BC, and you have been arrested and charged with Assault With a Weapon, or you believe charges are imminent, then contact Gagan Nahal without delay. Having a skilled lawyer on your side from the very beginning is critical in mounting the best possible defence against Assault With a Weapon Charges. Mr. Nahal is particularly interested in defending all manner of Assault charges and welcomes your inquiries.