Criminal Defence Services for Attempted Murder and Murder

Murder and Attempted Murder are among the most serious crimes that exist within criminal law in Canada. If you are charged with serious and complex crimes such as these, you will need a skilled lawyer, who is comfortable defending individuals in high-stakes Murder and Attempted Murder cases.

Your First Step After Being Charged with Murder should be contacting a criminal defence lawyer

The penalties following a guilty verdict will be hard to live with. To give yourself the best possible chance at an effective defence, you should engage a stellar defence lawyer as early as possible after your arrest or even before if you believe that arrest is imminent. Don’t delay. Also, your safest bet is to first talk to your lawyer before talking to anyone else.

The Crown takes Murder and Attempted Murder cases very seriously, and so should you. The Crown will vigorously and energetically prosecute your case, so you must be at least as well prepared as they will be—if not more so.

Facing a Murder or Attempted Murder Charge in Surrey? Get a Free Consultation

If you are facing Murder or Attempted Murder charges in Surrey, BC, Gagan Nahal offers a free initial consultation for new clients. Contact Mr. Nahal as soon as possible, and give him the lay of the land. Hear what he has to say about your particular case and what you’re up against.

Mr. Nahal will defend clients for Murder and Attempted Murder, and he is thoroughly acquainted with the law in this field. If you want a defence lawyer who will take your case as seriously as the Crown Prosecutor will, then Gagan Nahal is the lawyer for you.