An Overview of Community Programs for Crime Prevention in Surrey

May 28th, 2024
An Overview of Community Programs for Crime Prevention in Surrey

Crime is an unfortunate factor in Surrey, but the city has made it a focus to minimize crime in its community. This has been an all-hands-on-deck approach, with numerous programs sprouting up to protect properties, support communities, and grow knowledge and awareness of crimes.

A few of the most prominent programs in the city include the following.

Citizens Community Safety Watch

The Community Safety Tours program, funded by the City of Surrey and the Provincial Government of British Columbia, is the most well-known crime prevention group in the city.

Its members are all volunteers, and spend their time patrolling areas such as malls, parks, Canadian line stations, and recreation centers across Surrey. 

The Surrey Citizens Community Safety Watch plays a vital role in maintaining community safety, as they observe and report suspicious activities happening throughout Surrey. 

Traffic Safety Programs

The Surrey Traffic Safety program spends the majority of its time maintaining traffic safety. The volunteers operate around school zones, playgrounds, and high-risk crash sites to improve road safety. 

Volunteers use technology, including an app called “Speed Watch” to record vehicle speeds and distracted driving, sharing data with the Surrey RCMP and ICBC. 

A big part of this program is engaging and educating youth on the importance of traffic safety, which cultivates responsible road behavior, reduces accidents, and fosters long-term positive habits, benefiting the entire community.

Transit Watch

Another community program is the Transit Watch program, which is committed to public safety and monitors major public transportation areas, including but not limited to: 

  • King George Station
  • Central City
  • Scott Road (including parking lots in and around these stations)
  • Newton Bus Loop
  • South Surrey Bus Loop

As you can see, the community within Surrey is doing everything they can to make their neighborhood safer. And their hard work is already paying off, as these well-known community programs (and a few others) have already drastically reduced crime rates within the city.

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