Are There More Drunk Driving Charges Over the Holidays?

December 31st, 2021
Are There More Drunk Driving Charges Over the Holidays

The short answer to the question in the title is probably. Usually there are more police checkpoints and more people drinking and attempting to drink and drive in December. And there are also usually more impaired drivers on the road on the weekend than on weekdays. However, with COVID-19, it is hard to predict what kinds of behaviours we will see this year.

The police anticipate more impaired drivers on the road, and there is a program called CounterAttack, in conjunction with ICBC, which is designed to have more roadblocks in anticipation of a problem. This year’s CounterAttack holiday program started on December 1 in British Columbia.

Our Advice

Our advice to drivers is do not drink and drive. The old suggestion that drinking one beer per hour will keep you under the legal limit for impaired driving is a myth. How you metabolize alcohol depends on several factors including your sex and weight.

There are several businesses operating in British Columbia that you can call, and they will furnish you a driver to drive you and your vehicle home if you are too impaired to drive. Take advantage of these programs or make sure you have a designated driver with you, if you intend to drink.

If you are stopped while driving, and the police ask you to blow in a breathalyser, you are required by law to do it. If you refuse, you can be subject to a serious fine and loss of your licence just for failing to cooperate, a charge that is not easy to fight.

The simplest solution is never drink and drive. The penalties for impaired driving are serious, and it is also extremely inconvenient to lose your driving licence if you drive for work or school.

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