Breaking and Entering Vs. Theft and Robbery

August 29th, 2022
Breaking and Entering Vs. Theft and Robbery

The crimes listed in the title of today’s blog are all related but slightly different. Let’s go over them one by one.

Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering is a serious, indictable crime in which you literally “break and enter” or enter someplace that does not belong to you and where you were not welcome or invited with the intent to commit some other offence. Or you entered the premises and did commit an offence. Or you broke out of somewhere after either committing an offence inside or intending to commit an offence inside the premises.


Theft basically means you took something from someone else without his or her permission. Theft has some other complicated parts, such as if you did something to what you took so that it cannot be replaced or restored, or perhaps you took something and did something with it that would make it impossible for the original owner to get it back.


Robbery is similar to theft except the use of violence or the threat of violence plays a role in the theft.

All of the crimes mentioned above are serious, and theft is more serious (indictable) if the value of the stolen item(s) is over $5000. If the value of something stolen is less than $5000, then it is a lesser crime.

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