Caught Uttering Threats? What Are Your Choices?

September 29th, 2021
Uttering Threats Choices

If you have been charged with “uttering threats” this is no small matter. Courts can treat this as a summary offence or as an indictable offense.

Our first advice would be to hire a lawyer who specializes in criminal law and make no statements to police without first consulting your lawyer.

Uttering threats, by the way, can be in any manner. Standing and speaking them over a fence is one way, but so is emailing them or posting the same threats to your social media.

In addition, uttering threats includes not just threats to an individual but also threats to anyone close to that individual including their animals or pets. And the threat could be the threat to kill, injure, hurt, damage, burn, kill, or a host of other unpleasant activities.

Potential Defence

The defence can try to prove that it never happened. Or that it was misunderstood. If someone uttered a threat as a joke, then that is a possible defence. Another possibility is that these things were said under the haze of drugs and alcohol.

What is important here is that your defence lawyer will try to handle your case so that it never goes to court. Winning in court is one thing. However getting a case thrown out before it goes to court is even better.

If you have been charged or expect to be charged with uttering threats, please hire a criminal lawyer right away. This is a serious crime that can get you a criminal record and some jail time. Hire someone like Gagan Nahal, and give yourself a fighting chance.

Gagan Nahal is a criminal defence lawyer based in Surrey, British Columbia, although he has represented clients across Canada. He works vigorously and tirelessly defending his clients.

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