Crime Rates in Surrey over the Years

April 29th, 2024
Crime Rates in Surrey over the Years

Surrey is often unfairly tainted with a reputation for crime, and while it is true that the city has experienced targeted violence over the years, Surrey has been undergoing significant changes in recent years. 

More and more families are moving away from Vancouver, and into the suburbs, and this has had a drastic impact on crime rates. Looking at the 2023 Surrey crime stat figures paints a different picture than many expect, with crime rates dropping in major areas.

1 - A Decrease in Violent Crimes

Violent crimes, which include robbery, murder, and assault, have consistently shown a marked decrease in incidents over the past calendar year. 

Based on data from 2023, the rate of violent crimes in Surrey reduced by an impressive 3% year over year. Some of the biggest areas of reduction include:

  • Homicide down 80%.
  • Kidnapping down 33%.
  • Assault down 4%.

These numbers are not just dry statistics but vital indicators that major crimes that impact community safety are steadily decreasing. Reasons for this positive trend include factors such as increased police personnel, improved security systems at local businesses and private homes, and the wide-scale implementation of surveillance technology to deter potential criminals. 

In addition to these measures, social engagement programs and community programs focused on rehabilitation and support for vulnerable populations have played a critical role in limiting violent interactions. 

2 - Lower Property Crimes

Another noteworthy downward trend in Surrey crime rates was seen in the property crimes category, which encompasses theft, fraud, arson, mischief, and break-and-enter incidents. Here, the city recorded a 2% decline from last year’s figures, with some of the biggest decreases including:

  • Stolen property down 49%.
  • Vehicle theft down 39%.
  • Residential break and entry down 21%.

The decrease in property crime in Surrey can be attributed to heightened community vigilance, improved policing strategies, and advanced security systems. Additionally, the cultural shift brought on by new families moving to Surrey has created a strong sense of community ownership among Surrey's citizens, which has significantly contributed to paring down unlawful activities.

These big changes highlight how the protection of our property and possessions is consistently improving, which can lead to far-reaching implications on Surrey's real estate market and its overall attractiveness as an area of residence.

3 - Reduction in Criminal Code Offences

Even more laudable is the significant reduction in total criminal code offense figures. These offenses, which include possession of drugs, illicit weapons, and causing public disturbances, decreased by an impressive 7% year-on-year. The most notable changes were.

  • Trafficking is down 47%.
  • Possession is down 30%.
  • Public disturbance is down 18%.

These dwindling numbers are once again the result of increased community and police work. 

As you can see by the numbers, Surrey isn't just showing signs of progress; it's demonstrating a consistent and remarkable evolution into a safer community for its residents. 

The continuing downward trend in crime rates highlights the concerted strides that Surrey residents and the police force have achieved over time, effectively chipping away at the notorious reputation it once had. 

Through this transformation, the city is emerging as a spectacular place to live in Metro Vancouver, offering enhanced safety, increased peace of mind, and an enriched lifestyle resonating across generations. These factors combined pave the way forward for Surrey to change its reputation and shape a positive narrative for its future.

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