Dealing With Fraud Charges in BC

March 26th, 2024
Dealing With Fraud Charges in BC

Fraud charges in BC are very serious, as they are in other provinces and territories because fraud is a federal crime. In today’s blog we are going to give you an overview of fraud in Canada and how it is addressed by the courts.

What Is Fraud, Legally?

Fraud is defined in the criminal code as an individual using deceit or falsehood to deprive someone of money, property, services or security. The difference between fraud and theft is that in the commission of fraud, the victim often participates willingly not understanding that he or she is being defrauded.


Penalties for fraud vary based on many factors including the scope of the fraud, the dollar amount involved, the past criminal history of the perpetrator, and the complexity, planning, and deviousness of the event. Sometimes minor fraud can result in a summary conviction but often fraud is an indictable offence.

Penalties almost always include financial reparation to the victim(s) over time if needed in addition to other penalties. The thresholds of $5000 and $1 million for the value of a fraud are significant in determining how the case will be addressed and what penalties may apply.

What Are Examples of Fraud?

Here are just a few simple examples of fraud:

Falsifying banking information to access money that is not yours.

Taking money from someone to purchase something that you have no intention of purchasing.

Taking charitable donations under false pretences.

Misrepresentation of legal documents.

Identity theft.

Manipulation of stock prices.


Being found guilty of fraud in BC can result in significant jail time, a criminal record, and is not something to take lightly.

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