False Accusations: How to Defend Yourself Against Unfounded Claims or Charges

June 20th, 2023
False Accusations: How to Defend Yourself Against Unfounded Claims or Charges

Sadly, false accusations of criminal behaviour are not uncommon. False accusations can destroy careers and damage reputations beyond repair. However, this is not a fight that you can or should do alone. Hire a lawyer focusing on criminal law and follow his or her advice.

It is extremely important that you do not approach the person accusing you of something. This would be foolish and irresponsible and could get you into more trouble than you are in already. Follow your lawyer’s instructions to the letter, and let the lawyer handle this using all legal tools available.

Sometimes these false accusations are due to mistaken identity. But sometimes they are simply malicious and brought by those with hidden motives such as regarding child custody, for example, or by someone who is simply mentally ill. Work with your lawyer to shore up your defence, and be aware that it is against the law to make false accusations. So, there may be some legal recourse for you including bringing your own lawsuit against the accuser for defamation, slander, or libel.

Also, remember that Crown counsel will not prosecute a weak case that does not give them a strong probability of winning. Just because someone makes an accusation does not mean that this is a matter that will end up in court. 

The most important point here, is to hire a criminal lawyer as soon as possible and do not make any statements to the police without first consulting your lawyer. Do not discuss your case with anyone except your lawyer. In BC, call Gagan Nahal for a free legal consultation at (604) 527-4769. Never try to fight this alone. 

Gagan Nahal is a criminal defence lawyer based in Surrey, British Columbia, although he has represented clients across Canada. He works vigorously and tirelessly defending his clients. 

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