How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With an Assault Defence Lawyer in Surrey

May 29th, 2024
How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With an Assault Defence Lawyer in Surrey

If you are charged with assault in Surrey or elsewhere in British Columbia or even elsewhere in Canada, the suggestions for how to prepare for your first meeting with your defence lawyer would be the same. Most people are nervous about meeting with their lawyer for several reasons: they may be worried about the charges, the potential penalties, and the role your defence lawyer plays is an important one.

In addition, defence lawyers are highly educated and busy individuals who will likely want the meeting to proceed as efficiently as possible. The accused may be intimidated or frightened or in despair over the whole process. In today’s blog article, we want to give you some tips on how to prepare for your first meeting with your Surrey defence lawyer, when you have been charged with assault.

Your Story

You want to be completely honest with your lawyer, tell the whole truth, and get your story straight. Your lawyer’s job is to defend you, and in order to do that job, he/she needs to know exactly what happened or did not happen. What you tell your lawyer in Surrey and across Canada is protected by lawyer client privilege. The reason that privilege exists in Canada is so that you can speak freely and honestly and know that what you say cannot be divulged to others.


If you have been charged with assault in Surrey, keep in mind that assault is a serious offence. There are many different types of assault under Canadian law, and there is a wide range of penalties depending on what you are charged with. This is why you will help yourself, your lawyer, and your defence by telling your lawyer everything. If you are not sure if a detail is relevant, then tell it to your lawyer and let the lawyer decide if something is relevant. Rely on your lawyer.


If you are aware of any details that may aid in your defence, tell your lawyer. For example, if you know of any witnesses who saw what happened or did not happen, tell your lawyer. Perhaps you are aware of proof that you were somewhere else at the time of the crime, such as receipts or video footage from you being in a store or at a gas station or in another city. Your lawyer will likely ask you questions about this, but even if you are not asked, give that information anyway.

What Not to Do

Do not rush through the process because you are paying for the lawyer and worrying about the expense. Do not leave out important information because you are in a hurry or you are embarrassed, for example. And, most importantly, do not ever lie to your lawyer, not in Surrey, Vancouver, or any city in the province.

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