Modern Legal Challenges in Surrey Assault Cases

by Gagan Nahal June 28th, 2024
Modern Legal Challenges in Surrey Assault Cases

The challenges facing criminal defence lawyers in Surrey, often defending assault cases, are similar to the challenges that face all criminal defence lawyers everywhere. In today’s blog article, we are going to examine some of these challenges.

The Case

Right or wrong, sometimes a case is won by the side that is better prepared, the side that knows everything down to the smallest detail, and the side that has fully investigated the facts and the witnesses. There is an old saying about trial lawyers that goes something like this: know the case; if you don’t know the case, know the law; if you don’t know the law, know the judge.

When you choose a lawyer to defend you, whether you are charged with assault or another criminal offence, it is critical that you choose someone who cares enough about both you and your case to learn every detail.

The Law

Only by fully understanding and being acquainted with applicable law, can the defence lawyer challenge evidence, the gathering of evidence, witnesses, and their testimony. The defence needs a lawyer who studies the applicable law so that he or she can use it to his or her advantage. Some of this expertise comes with experience, and understanding the court system and how it works. You do not want your case to be the first one your lawyer tries in court in the same way you do not want your surgery to be the first one your surgeon does. You want an experienced hand.

The Judge

In theory, judges are supposed to be neutral and unbiased. However, judges are human, and knowing the judge or how the judge conducts his or her courtroom is an advantage to the lawyer. The experienced lawyer will be familiar with the whole cast of characters in a judicial setting and use this knowledge to help his or her client.

So, when you are choosing a defence lawyer in Surrey, for cases including assault, choose someone like Gagan Nahal, who knows from experience, how important all of the above are in defending his clients.

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Gagan Nahal is a criminal defence lawyer based in Surrey, British Columbia, although he has represented clients across Canada. He works vigorously and tirelessly defending his clients. 

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Gagan Nahal is a dedicated criminal lawyer who exclusively practices criminal defence law. After being called to the Bar of British Columbia, Gagan launched his own criminal law practice. He previously completed his articles with a high-profile criminal lawyer, gaining exposure to senior defence lawyers and working on complex, serious cases.

Fluent in Punjabi and Hindi, Gagan leverages his language skills to better serve a diverse clientele.