The Importance of Evidence in the Defence of Criminal Assault Cases

December 22nd, 2023
The Importance of Evidence in the Defence of Criminal Assault Cases

Evidence is always very important in defending any kind of criminal case including assault cases. Not long ago, we did a blog article specifically about evidence. Evidence is such an important topic, however, that we wanted to devote another short article to it and mention a few more things.

Types of Evidence

As we have already mentioned, there are many types of evidence including some types that you may have heard about like DNA, hearsay, physical, direct, and indirect.

What You Need to Know

The most important thing the accused needs to know about evidence is to let you lawyer worry about it. If you have a lawyer acting on your behalf, then it is the lawyer’s role to examine all the evidence and decide how to manage it in your case.

You tell your lawyer everything that is relevant while being absolutely truthful, and then you let your lawyer do his or her job. Never try to gather evidence yourself or take any steps to meddle with evidence that is against you.

Beyond Evidence

Evidence is not the only thing that will be important to your case. Your lawyer will also consider how the evidence was gathered, and, for example, who might be testifying against you and what that person’s credibility is.

In addition, before any evidence is presented in court, your lawyer will try to get your charges reduced or dismissed. The defence lawyer tries to bring into court evidence that will help you and quash the presentation of evidence that will hurt your case.

The most important point here is to let your lawyer do the job that he or she is trained to do, which is put together and mount your defence. It is not the job of the accused to do this; rather, it is the lawyer’s job. Help your lawyer to help you, but never do anything that will impede your lawyer’s work, no matter what kind of criminal charge you are facing.

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