The Link Between Alcohol and Criminal Behavior

December 22nd, 2023
The Link Between Alcohol and Criminal Behavior

Very often there is a link between alcohol and criminal behaviour. There is no doubt about this. However, this is not an exact cause and effect relationship. Not all criminal acts are committed by those under the influence of alcohol, and not everyone who drinks alcohol commits crimes.


One way that alcohol affects our behaviour is that alcohol lowers our inhibitions. So, if someone has been thinking about committing a criminal act while sober, that person is more likely to commit that act when under the influence of alcohol. Those parts of our psyches that inhibit inappropriate behaviour are dulled by alcohol.


In addition to the lowering of inhibitions, alcohol impairs our judgement. Many people say and do stupid things when they have had a lot to drink, simply because they are no longer thinking clearly. This is one reason why some individuals drink and drive. That same individual may know while sober that he or she should not be driving while under the influence of alcohol, but once under that influence, the individual no longer thinks clearly and cannot judge how much he or she has had to drink.

Drinking alcohol is not a defence for committing criminal acts, but it can be a mitigating factor. In other words, it is not an excuse, but it is an explanation.

If you are accused or charged with criminal acts, hire a defence lawyer as soon as possible. Be completely honest with your lawyer about what you did or did not do and whether or not you were under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Then, your role is to rely on your lawyer to manage your defence.

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