The Role of the Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer

January 19th, 2023
The Role of the Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer

The role of the sexual assault defence lawyer is similar to the role of the defence lawyer for any type of criminal case. The defence lawyer’s role is to protect the rights of the accused throughout the entire court process, to represent the accused in court proceedings, to advocate for the accused, and to fight to protect the client’s interests. The defence lawyer is going to try to get charges against you reduced, dropped, or if the case actually goes to trial, is going to make every effort for you to be found not guilty while defending you to the fullest extent of the law.

The biggest difference in defending those accused of sex crimes is that the stakes are often higher for the client because of the taboo of sex crimes.

An individual found guilty of sexual assault may be faced with not just incarceration, but being listed on the National Sex Offender Registry, which may have all kinds of work and social ramifications. In addition, the person found guilty of sexual assault may have limitations on travel. But worst of all, there is the considerable social stigma of being found guilty of a sex crime.

For these reasons, who you choose to be your criminal lawyer in defending against sexual assault charges is particularly important. You will want an experienced criminal lawyer who is familiar with these types of cases and the applicable case law. Your sexual assault defence lawyer is going to question every piece of evidence that the prosecution puts forward, research the law, and seek the best possible outcome for you, the accused. You need a lawyer who will fight enthusiastically and tirelessly for you and who understands the social stigma you will face if found guilty because the stakes are high.


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