Understanding “Driving While Prohibited”

January 31st, 2022
Driving While Prohibited

“Driving While Prohibited” is a legal term used to describe someone who drives a vehicle when that person does not have the legal right to drive. In other words, if your driver’s licence has been taken away for any number of reasons, and you drive anyway, then you are “driving while prohibited.”

If you are caught driving while prohibited, there is the potential for fines and jail time. If you are caught, and it is a second offence, then there is mandatory jail time. Driving while prohibited is a very serious crime under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Will You Get Caught?

It is likely that you will get caught. The police are always looking for those persons who are driving while prohibited, and even an off-duty police officer may notice something and contact someone who is on duty to follow up on it.

In addition, there is something called ALPR or Automatic Licence Plate Reader. Many RCMP vehicles have mobile ALPRs mounted on their vehicles. The ALPR is a computerized camera that allows for high-speed capture of licence plate numbers. Law enforcement can pre-load lists of licence plates that officers are looking for, including those of persons who are potentially driving while prohibited. That makes it very easy for law enforcement to notice and catch these types of offenders and others.

Our Advice

We recommend that you do not drive while prohibited. Nevertheless, if you do, and you are caught, we recommend that you talk to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can give you your best chances for a good outcome. Losing your driver’s licence for a long period of time is extremely inconvenient if you need a vehicle to get to work or school.

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