What Are the Consequences of Driving While Prohibited?

June 21st, 2022
What Are the Consequences of Driving While Prohibited?

Driving while prohibited or driving with a suspended licence is a serious crime in British Columbia with serious consequences. The consequences that you will face if you are caught depend on whether it is your first offence or if you have committed the same crime before and, if so, how many times. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the consequences of driving while prohibited.

What Is Driving While Prohibited?

Driving While Prohibited means that you have had your right to drive or driver’s licence taken away for any one of several previous driving infractions, and you continue to drive. It does not matter whether you are driving your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle. If you are not supposed to be driving, and you are caught driving, the penalties would be the same, and they increase with the number of previous infractions you have.

If you receive a first conviction for Driving While Prohibited, the fine can be anywhere from $500 to $2000. You may also receive a six-month jail sentence.

With a second or further conviction, the fine can be anywhere from $500 to $2000 and you could receive a jail sentence from 14 days to one year.

In addition, the vehicle you are driving will be impounded whether or not it is your vehicle. The vehicle would be impounded for seven days with a first infraction, 30 days for a second infraction, and 60 days for a third infraction.

In order for the vehicle to be released, the owner of the vehicle, whether it is you or not, will have to pay for accrued towing and storage costs in order to get the vehicle back after the period of impoundment. Also, if the vehicle you were caught driving in is not yours, the owner of the vehicle can take you to court to try to recover the amount he or she had to pay to get the vehicle released from impoundment.

If your driver’s licence has been revoked for whatever reason, Driving While Prohibited is not only illegal, but it is a bad idea because you are very likely to get caught. In British Columbia, many RCMP vehicles are equipped with ALPR or Automatic Licence Plate Recognition software which will alert them to vehicles with licence plates of repeat offenders. The police actively look for people who are driving when they are not supposed to be.

Our advice is if you have been prohibited from driving, then do not drive until you prohibition is over. However, if you get caught Driving While Prohibited hire a criminal lawyer as soon as possible for your best possible chance at a good outcome.

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