What You Need to Know About Assault Charges

July 27th, 2023
What You Need to Know About Assault Charges

Even if you are charged with a criminal act in British Columbia, it is the federal/national Criminal Code that sets forth how the act is classified. Offences are classified as summary convictions, indictable, or hybrid, meaning the offences could be a summary conviction and/or indictable.

There are all different kinds of assault charges. Lesser assault charges, such as shoving someone, or Simple Assault can be either a summary conviction or indictable. More serious assault charges, such as Aggravated Sexual Assault are indictable.

Summary convictions tend to have lighter penalties, whereas indictable offences can have very severe penalties. Summary convictions are typically held quickly in a lower court, while indictable offences may require a jury trial in a higher court.

How the assault charge is classified determines two things: what type of trial you are entitled to or will be face with and how serious and what type of penalties there are for that crime if you are found guilty. In other words, the classification of an assault charge is very important both to you and to your defence lawyer.

What is most important here is that if you are charged with any kind of assault, you need a defence lawyer right away. Let your defence lawyer worry about what kind of charges you are facing and how they are classified. Never try to be your own lawyer. Your defence lawyer will try to get your charges reduced, if possible, or even dismissed, and if you are found guilty, your defence lawyer will try to get you the lowest possible penalty.

If you have assaulted someone for whatever reason or been charged with any kind of assault, please contact Gagan Nahal for a free consultation in Vancouver at (604) 527-4769 as soon as possible. Mr. Nahal’s law practice focuses on criminal defence law, and he has extensive experience in this area of the law. We always advise not to make any statements to the police without first consulting your lawyer. You have that right. 

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