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Here are our main areas of concentration. Please click on the linked pages for further information about each type of crime:


There are many types of assault with a big range of penalties. Simple assault would be the unwanted touching, poking, prodding, or threatening to do so or even impeding someone’s progress or access. Assault charges are common, and Gagan Nahal is very skilled at effectively defending clients charged with assault.

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Assault With A Weapon

Assault With a Weapon is a step up from simple Assault, when the perpetrator, in addition to what is mentioned above, also has a weapon with which he or she is doing the unwanted touching. A weapon doesn’t have to be a hand gun—it can be anything brandished and used for the purposes of a weapon.

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Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Another more serious type of Assault is when the victim (and possibly the perpetrator) has sustained obvious physical harm, from cuts or bruises to much more serious injuries. An effective defence strategy can save you from a conviction or a long sentence.

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Aggravated Assault

With Aggravated Assault, not only is the victim injured, but he or she is seriously injured and/or his or her life was endangered. The Crown will pursue these cases vigorously, so you need an equally vigorous defence strategy.

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Attempted Murder / Murder

Attempted Murder or Murder are indictable offences that for which convictions shatter lives and reputations. If charged, you will need a skilled criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.

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Child Pornography

Child Pornography charges are ugly, complex, and can ruin lives and reputations. This is one of the offences that can land you on the National Sex Offender Registry indefinitely and make you the pariah of your family and community.

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Driving Offences

There is a long list of Driving Offences that Gagan Nahal can help you with. Ranging from Reckless Driving, Driving Without a Licence, Prohibited Driving, to Hit and Run. A skilled criminal defence lawyer will make a big difference in your outcome if you are charged.

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Drug Charges

Drug charges are another complex area of the law, and the law has changed considerably in recent times. A conviction can interfere with your life plans for years. Contact Gagan Nahal for your criminal defence.

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Firearms / Weapons Offences

There are many types of Firearms and Weapons offences including those with restricted and prohibited weapons. These cases have considerable public scrutiny, and you will want an excellent defence strategy.

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Fraud is an indictable offence with a wide range of penalties. Fraud means “defrauding” someone or several persons of money or property or services that they were entitled to. While it’s not necessarily a violent crime, you still need a skilled defence lawyer as soon as possible.

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In Canada, Harassment is similar to what is called stalking is called in other jurisdictions. It’s the unwarranted and continual bothering of someone including following them, watching them, photographing them, emailing them, etc.

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Kidnapping / Illegal Confinement

Kidnapping and Illegal Confinement are very serious and indictable crimes with heavy penalties. These charges can often be combined with other charges into nightmarish proportions. Don’t delay—engage a skilled defence lawyer as soon as possible.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is a special type of assault involving sex for which a conviction will put the offender on the National Sex Offender Registry—a life-changing event. Sex crimes are vigorously prosecuted, so a skilled defence strategy will be critical for you.

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Sexual Interference

Sexual Interference is specifically a sex crime with a victim who is minor, and the courts put a lot of energy into prosecuting these crimes. With conviction come major penalties including being put on the National Sex Offender Registry indefinitely.

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Theft / Robbery

Theft and Robbery are related crimes, with Robbery being the more serious indictable offence. This is a complicated area of the law, but Gagan Nahal welcomes defending Theft and Robbery charges and can help you.

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Uttering Threats

The crime of Uttering Threats means threatening to harm someone or one of their friends or family members or pets. This is the type of charge that can snowball into something much bigger if weapons were involved, for example.

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More Criminal Defence Services

On this page we list many other types of criminal cases that Gagan Nahal is skilled at defending. It’s impossible to list everything, but we’ve listed the most common charges that we run across in Surrey and across British Columbia.

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Gagan Nahal welcomes inquiries related to criminal defence. If you have recently been arrested or feel that arrest is imminent, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your charges and your defence.