Criminal Defence Services for Driving Offences

There is a big range of different types of driving offences from mild to serious. Driving offences can be annoying, but they can also risk your right to operate a vehicle, which would impinge on your freedom, and the most serious offences have long prison terms.

Some possible driving offences for which you would need a criminal lawyer include but are not limited to the following:

  • Prohibited Driving
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Demerit Points
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Hit and Run or Failure to Remain at the Scene of an Accident
  • Impaired Driving
  • Vehicular Manslaughter and Homicide

If you have ever driven past a bad accident on the highway, then you will understand the devastation that car accidents can wreak. If you are the person responsible for that nightmare, then you may need a good criminal lawyer who handles Driving Offence cases for offences listed under both the Criminal Code and British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act.

If You Have Been Charged with a Driving Offence Contact Gagan Nahal Right Away

These offences are no joke, some have long penalties if you are convicted, and as usual, if you are cautioned by a police officer, we recommend that you don’t talk to anyone until after you have spoken with your lawyer.

Gagan Nahal is passionate about defending Driving Offence charges, and he will carefully and skillfully strategize your defence. The right and ability to drive is important for most of us to get to work and to school. Living without that right can make life very difficult.

Keep Your Right to Drive After a Criminal Driving Charge

Take any Driving Offence charges seriously because your Crown Prosecutor will. Engage a competent criminal lawyer at your earliest convenience who will try to help you keep your criminal record squeaky clean or at least from getting any worse.

Gagan Nahal is a criminal lawyer who can help you with all manner of driving offences. If you are arrested and charged with a driving offence, contact Mr. Nahal as soon as possible and have a first, initial, free consultation to go over the charges laid against you.