Criminal Defence Services for Driving While Prohibited

Driving while prohibited by court order or operation of law is a charge described in the Motor Vehicle Act and governed by provincial law. This is a serious charge in British Columbia with a minimum fine for a first offence, a driving prohibition for some amount of time and potential imprisonment.

In addition, penalties increase if this is a second or later offence. Fines increase, and you can go to jail for this crime if found guilty. Your vehicle can also be impounded.

Charged With Driving While Prohibited

You definitely should not be driving if you have been prohibited from driving. And it is easy to get caught if you are driving while prohibited. If you have a history of driving while prohibited, then law enforcement will be watching for you.

Today, law enforcement vehicles are frequently equipped with ALPR or an Automatic Licence Plate Recognition system, which scans for vehicles all by itself, based on previous inputs from law enforcement. That means that law enforcement can easily spot your vehicle and go after you if they have reason to believe you may be driving while prohibited.

Why You Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer to Defend Your Driving While Prohibited Case

It is very important to engage a lawyer as soon as possible if you are charged with driving while prohibited. If found guilty, you not only risk a fine, impounding of your vehicle, and a long prohibition against driving, but also jail time.

Contact Gagan Nahal on the Lower Mainland in British Columbia as soon as possible. Mr. Nahal’s practice focuses on criminal law, and he is experienced with driving while prohibited cases. Your best chance for a good outcome is having an experienced lawyer who will work tirelessly on your behalf to mount an effective defence.