Criminal Defence Services for Drug Charges

Drug offences and drug charges can be quite complex in Canada. They can range from possession (over a certain amount), possession with intent to traffic, production, and importation from foreign countries.

Despite the 2018 Cannabis Act, which made small amounts of Marijuana legal for personal and medicinal use Canada-wide, there are still plenty of drug laws that you can run afoul of if you have too much Cannabis or if you have in your possession or if you are producing, trafficking, or importing, any one of a number of Schedule I, II, III, or IV drugs, such as Heroin, Ecstasy, Crystal Meth or Cocaine.

To create the best defence strategy for your individual case, you will need a skilled criminal lawyer, who is familiar with the applicable law and how the justice system works in British Columbia. The person who fits that bill is Gagan Nahal.

Keep Drug Charges Off of Your Criminal Record by calling Gagan Nahal

Defending clients facing drug charges is one of the areas of the law that Gagan Nahal concentrates on. He understands the stigma attached to having drug offences on a criminal record which can affect employment, travel, and even signing a lease on a home. With his conscientious and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic, Mr. Nahal will prepare an effective defence for you based on your unique circumstances.

If you are in Surrey, BC, and have been arrested on drug charges or believe that an arrest is imminent related to drug charges, please contact Mr. Nahal right away. It’s always more prudent to speak to your lawyer first before speaking to anyone else. Mr. Nahal offers criminal law clients a first, free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case and your position.