Criminal Defence Services for Firearms and Weapons Offences

The Criminal Code and Firearms Act governs charges that relate to firearms and weapons offences. These types of charges should not be taken lightly as the Crown pursues them as vigorously as possible. Neither the public nor the press like it too much when innocent bystanders or police officers are injured or killed or threatened by those who shouldn’t have had firearms in the first place.

Defence Lawyer for Firearms and Weapons Charges

Charges can vary because there are not just firearms and weapons but also prohibited and restricted firearms and weapons. Furthermore, anything can be considered a weapon, so if you threaten someone with an ironing board, for example, then that’s a weapon, too.

What Happens if you are Convicted of a Firearms or Weapons Offence?

Convictions related to firearms and weapons can mean lengthy prison sentences, steep fines, and a criminal record. Then, a criminal record can affect your ability to travel, to get the job that you want, and these records have the sad legacy of interfering with your lifestyle for many years.

Gagan Nahal is a skilled criminal lawyer, and one area of the law that he concentrates in is defence of firearms and weapons charges. If you are in Surrey, British Columbia, and you have been arrested for a firearms and/or weapons, contact Gagan Nahal without delay.

Need a Skilled Criminal Defence Lawyer to Defend Your Weapons Charge?

He offers new clients a free, initial consultation to go over your case. If you engage Mr. Nahal for your defence, you will be assured of having a criminal lawyer who understands the relevant case law, as well as the nuances of the British Columbia legal system. He will come up with a defence strategy that is specific to your unique circumstances.

Remember, a skilled defence lawyer, does more than argue in court; sometimes he or she may get your case thrown out, or get your charges reduced, or negotiate a deal, or argue the case until you are acquitted. For complex crimes and charges, you will want someone who can manage the nuances of a complex case—someone like Gagan Nahal.