Criminal Defence Services for Fraud Charges

In Canada, Fraud is an indictable crime. It is defined in the Criminal Code as when someone by deceit or falsehood defrauds the public or any one person of property, money, valuable security, or a service. There is a big range in the sentencing possibilities for Fraud depending on the individual case, should you be found guilty. Furthermore, being indicted for Fraud can also include several other related charges tacked on.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Fraud Charge?

While Fraud is not a violent crime, it’s still not something good to have on your criminal record, as its presence suggests that you are unsavory and untrustworthy. We all know that a criminal record can have unforeseen consequences later in life that affect your job possibilities and travel.

Some types of Fraud include:

  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Business Fraud

If you are accused of Fraud your best bet would be to have a skilled criminal lawyer representing you, especially one who will understand the nuances of financial statements and forensic accounting.

Fraud DEFENCE Lawyer to Defend Your Fraud Charges IN SURREY, BC

Gagan Nahal has successfully defended several Fraud cases in Surrey and elsewhere in British Columbia. If you need a criminal lawyer to mount a fraud defence for you, Mr. Nahal offers a free, initial, no-obligation consultation for new clients.

Navigating the complex criminal law system in British Columbia requires a dedicated and conscientious lawyer representing you, a lawyer who will work as hard to defend you as the Crown will work to punish you.

If you have been charged with Fraud, contact Gagan Nahal without delay.