Criminal Defence Services for Harassment

Criminal Harassment is an indictable offence in Canada, and it includes what many refer to as “stalking.” Harassment is a serious offence associated with severe penalties if you are convicted.

Criminal Harassment Charges

It is defined, briefly, as behaviour that would cause another person to fear for their safety or the safety of others known to them. This kind of behavior would be sending threatening messages over and over, following someone around, watching someone’s home or place of work, and generally making a continuous nuisance of yourself in a threatening manner toward someone else over a long period.

Criminal Harassment vs Domestic Violence Charges

Also, if this harassment is toward a family member, then this activity may be further considered part of domestic violence for which the provinces have a particularly low tolerance.

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Get the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer for Your Harassment Charges

Those who have suffered as victims of Criminal Harassment are sympathetic characters to juries. Make sure you have a criminal defence lawyer who is on your side, like Gagan Nahal.