Criminal Defence Services for Kidnapping and Illegal Confinement Charges

Charged with Kidnapping and Illegal Confinement?

Kidnapping and Illegal Confinement are serious crimes. Not only are they serious crimes by themselves, but if you are also charged with any sexual crimes, like sexual assault, then, if convicted, you will have the added problem of being on the sexual offender registry—known in Canada as the National Sex Offender Registry established by the Sexual Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA)--which can ruin your life, whatever is left of it. Penalties for these types of crimes are no laughing matter, and convictions can follow you for many years interfering with job prospects and travel.

Criminal Lawyer to Defend Kidnapping and Illegal Confinement Charges

In addition, if weapons were used during the commission of a crime, there are potential weapons’ charges that can be added on. Overall, this is the type of crime that the Crown will prosecute vigorously, and you would do well to engage an equally skilled defence lawyer.

Serious crimes with serious charges require a seriously effective and efficient defence lawyer who will look after your interests. Gagan Nahal will handle cases involving Kidnapping and Illegal Confinement charges, and he can help you, too.

Mr. Nahal carefully reviews every case, considers the applicable laws, and designs a defence strategy that will fit his client’s unique situation. You will want a criminal defence lawyer who will be a formidable opponent to the well-honed prosecutorial machine.

get a Free Consultation for Kidnapping and Confinement Charges

If you are located in Surrey, BC, and you are facing criminal charges such as Kidnapping and Illegal Confinement, give yourself the best chance of success by contacting Gagan Nahal. Prospective clients will have a free, initial, no-obligation consultation during which Mr. Nahal will talk to you about what’s ahead.

Gagan Nahal always recommends to his clients not to speak to anyone about crimes or charges or give any statements to police before speaking first to their lawyers.