More Criminal Defence Services

Here below are some further criminal defence services that Gagan Nahal can offer you.

Break & Enter Charges

Breaking and Entering is a serious, indictable, federal offence in Canada, related to but different from Theft and Robbery. There are long and painful penalties with conviction for Breaking and Entering.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is a complex area of the law that can mean anything from stealing computer data, damaging computer data, breaching cyber security, and a host of other activities not listed here.


Extortion is when a person forces or menaces or threatens in order to get someone to do something that person doesn’t want to do. There are significant prison terms for extortion.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a very serious charge and offence in Canada with penalties that can extend to life in prison. Human Trafficking can be even more serious if it involves the trafficking of minors and/or is coupled with other charges like Sexual Assault or Weapons charges or Kidnapping, for example.

Indecent Acts

Indecent Acts are activities intended to insult or offend other persons, and these are indictable federal offences. Some Indecent Acts can even result in you being put on the National Sex Offender Registry if you are convicted.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering describes acts that are intended to conceal the movement of funds or proceeds from transactions. Canada vigorously prosecutes Money Laundering cases, so a skilled defence lawyer is critical to face these charges in court.

Prostitution Charges

In Canada it’s illegal to buy sexual services, and it’s also illegal to perform these services for sale. This is a tricky area of the law with recent changes in legislation.

Solicitation & Luring Offences

Solicitation and Luring are complex areas of the law in Canada where you will need an effective criminal defence. Solicitation is related to Prostitution, but the charges and penalties depend on the circumstances and age of the person soliciting and being solicited. Luring is related, specifically, to luring a child through the internet in order to commit illegal acts.

White-Collar Crime

White-Collar crime means typically non-violent crime, but it’s a wide net that covers everything from fraud to embezzlement to anti-trust and corruption. This complex area of the law will require a skilled defence lawyer.

Return of Seized Property

Return of Seized Property refers to the area of the law where property was seized from lawful owners and should be returned to them. It can be very difficult for rightful owners to recover seized property, so you will likely need a solid defence lawyer to represent you in court.

To protect your rights and freedoms when facing criminal charges, contact Gagan Nahal. He is the skilled criminal lawyer that you want if you are in Surrey or elsewhere in British Columbia. He will give you a free, initial consultation.