Criminal Defence Services for Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault charges are always serious and potentially life-changing. In Canada, Sexual Assault is an indictable offence.

The Crown takes Sexual Assault very seriously, victims are sympathetic characters, and the Crown prosecutes these cases to the fullest extent of the law.

What Happens if you are Charged with Sexual Assault Crimes?

For those charged with Sexual Assault crimes, convictions not only have severe penalties but they also damage your reputation and can ruin lives and shatter families. Spending future years on a National Sex Offender Registry established by the Sexual Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA) will be most unpleasant.

Your best chance to avoid this nightmare is to have the best criminal defence lawyer you can find, one who will go over your case meticulously to find flaws with the opposing counsel’s arguments, facts, and theories.

Charged with Sexual Assault? Contact Gagan Nahal Immediately

Gagan Nahal welcomes Sexual Assault cases, and this is one of his area of the law that he concentrates in. He welcomes inquiries from the public, and if you have been charged with a serious crime like Sexual Assault, contact him without delay. He always recommends not speaking to anyone about your case before speaking to your lawyer.

If you are in Surrey, BC, and you need a skilled criminal defence lawyer, Gagan Nahal is the lawyer you want. He offers new clients a free, initial, no-obligation consultation to speak with you about what you are facing. When your future hangs in the balance, you will want Mr. Nahal on your side.