I was arrested and charged with an offence at the Canada/USA border and my personal belongings were seized. Gagan successfully defended me and made sure my seized property was returned to me.

- P.N.

I was facing criminal charges twice in a span of a couple months and Gagan Nahal saved me from a criminal record and jail both times.

- N.S.

Don’t let that young appearance fool you because Gagan Nahal advised me and told me things about my case that other criminal lawyers didn’t even mention and yes he won my case.

- S.H.

I knew I was in good hands the moment I spoke to Gagan Nahal during the initial consultation for my Assault charge and it wasn’t too long after that he got my charge withdrawn.

Gagan’s passion, confidence and knowledge make him an appealing criminal lawyer.

- M.R.

Gagan Nahal successfully defended me and the other couple people I referred to him.

- A.K.

I would have been deported out of Canada if I was convicted but Gagan saved me from a criminal record and jail for an Assault With a Weapon charge.

- K.D.

I was on driving probation and was on the verge of losing my driver’s license and Gagan worked some magic I still have my license.

- N.S.

I was charged with Theft and Fraud for stealing from my employer and Gagan saved me from a criminal record and jail time.

- R.K.

Gagan Nahal is truly a professional at what he does as he was able to get my Theft charge withdrawn prior to my first court date.

- J.S.

I retained Gagan Nahal for a Sexual Assault charge that I was facing and Gagan got my charge withdrawn without going to trial.

- B.B.

My brother was charged with Assault and Assault With a Weapon and Gagan was quickly able to get both charges withdrawn.

- S.S.

I retained Gagan Nahal for a matter in Calgary and he got my charge withdrawn prior to trial.

- K.B.