Criminal Defence Services for Theft and/or Robbery Charges

Theft and Robbery are different but related charges. Robbery is the more serious indictable offence. Penalties and prison sentences for Robbery are very long.

Theft Charges vs Robbery Charges

In Canada, basically, Theft is taking something that doesn’t belong to you. Both the charges and the penalties vary with the value of what was taken and the other particulars of the case.

Robbery has two parts: it involves not just stealing or extorting but also violence or the threat of violence. In addition, weapons also often play a role and can mean additional charges added on.

No one wants a criminal record, as having one can affect future employment options and travel plans. What’s worse than a criminal record is a criminal record with a violent crime like Robbery.

Keep Your Record Clean by Hiring a Skilled Criminal Defence Lawyer

To maintain a clean record and stellar reputation, you will need a skilled criminal defence lawyer if you are facing charges such as Theft or Robbery. Gagan Nahal defends these types of charges, and he treats his clients with compassion and respect.

If you have been charged with Theft or Robbery or you believe charges are imminent, then contact Gagan Nahal without delay. He always recommends not speaking to anyone about the crime or the case before speaking with your lawyer.

Mr. Nahal offers a free, initial consultation to potential clients. Give yourself the best chance for a bright future without limits by hiring an excellent criminal defence lawyer.