Criminal Defence Services for Uttering Threats

What is an Uttering Threats Charge?

Uttering Threats is a serious indictable offence that can send the convicted offender to prison for years. In Canada, saying or communicating that you are going to hurt or kill or burn or injure someone or his or her pets or property is called “Uttering Threats.”

In addition, if you waved around a “weapon,” even a broomstick, while uttering threats then you could face weapons charges. If the threats were uttered over a long period, then Harrassment charges could apply. In short order, an Uttering Threats charge can snowball into nightmarish proportions.

Why Contact a Lawyer to Defend your Uttering Threats offence?

Uttering Threats is serious business, and if you have been charged with this offence, then you will need a skilled defence lawyer to speak for you and face the Crown.

A conviction for Uttering Threats can limit future travel and adversely affect your job prospects in the future as well as damage your reputation. Hire an excellent and capable criminal defence lawyer who will take your case as seriously as the Crown will.

Criminal Defence Lawyer to Defend Against Uttering Threats Charges

Gagan Nahal can effectively defend cases involving Uttering Threats. If you live in Surrey in British Columbia, contact Mr. Nahal as soon as possible. Mr. Nahal always tells clients not speak to anyone about the case or charges without first speaking to your lawyer.

Fortunately, Mr. Nahal also offers his clients a free, initial, no-obligation consultation to go over your position in broad strokes. If you are in need a criminal lawyer who will meticulously prepare your defence strategy, then you want Gagan Nahal.